Which Casino Game is the Easiest to Win

Casino games are the games of chances Papadewa Indonesia. One can win almost immediately if you place the right bet at the right time. However, it is highly unlikely that you can get lucky in your first attempt, or even in the next 100 attempts. While some of the games do require skills and strategies, luck will still be a major factor for winning. Any typical gambler would tell you that winning is just down to your chances and at the same time a quantum physicist would say that your mind influences you luck.

Slot machines are the easiest to play games in the casinos (pull the lever to play), but that does not mean that it is easy to win. On the contrary, slot machines have one of the highest house edges in the casino. It means that you will be losing money on slot machines way faster than the games which have a low house edge. This is the reason why if you need to make easier wins, you will have to look for the games which can offer you control and reduce the house edge. Here are the games in the casinos which are easiest to win.

Blackjack (single deck)

Blackjack has the lowest house edge in any casino. There are different variants of blackjack which can be a change in cards or just more decks of cards. You should look out for single-deck games to improve your chances of winning. The house edge significantly lowers down to less than 1.5% in single-deck games. Use the basic strategies of blackjack along with proper bankroll management, and you will have better chances of winning for the long run.


Craps is one of the oldest gambles that was introduced in the casinos only after it became popular in the streets. It is one of the most exciting games in a real casino. Online casino platforms also have craps, but due to certain online rules, the players may not be able to find themselves as lucky as they can in brick and mortar casinos. Craps has a house edge of 5% that can go as low as 1.4%. The “do not pass/ do not come” bets offer 1.4% edge to the casinos, making it perfect for beginners to bet.



Baccarat is another game like slots which does not require you to put many efforts. However, unlike slots, baccarat has a very low house edge. In this game, you only choose to bet on a player, banker, or a tie. There is card distribution in the game which offers people to bet on their favourite card. For beginners, the best bet here is to bet on the player because the banker bet also has an extra fee.

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